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  1. Hi to all,
    i'm looking for some map, war record, diary, photo and all material about the provice of Arezzo,city Subbiano, Catenaia alps and Casentino for a University Research.
    thanks to all
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  3. Hello!
    yes, I read both that from Tehran to Trieste and also Red Eagle, they are quite vague ..... I would need something more precise, the best would be a map with the camps and information on the clashes and the precise places.
    even some photos would be fantastic, especially of subbiano and Catenaia
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    Ciao Lorenzo,

    I have just re-read that part of The Tiger Triumphs and it gives you the names of all the units from 10 Indian Division involved in fighting on the Alpe di Catenaia.

    I suggest that for a start you obtain the war diaries of the Brigades involved - 20th and 25th - and also those of the Lovat Scouts and Skinners Horse from the National Archives, London. It is cheaper if you ask a researcher to get them for you.

    Here are the ones you need:

    WO 169/18875
    Central Mediterranean Forces: Brigades: 20 Indian Infantry Brigade: HQ

    WO 169/18890
    Central Mediterranean Forces: Brigades: 25 Indian Infantry Brigade: HQ

    WO 170/1423:
    Lovat Scouts:1944 July – Dec.

    WO 169/18943:
    Indian Cavalry and Armoured Corps: 1 Skinner's Horse:1944 Jan.- Dec.

    There may not be a map but there should be map references.

    You can find the relevant maps on:

    1. Home >Digital Archive @ McMaster University LibraryMap CollectionsWorld War, 1939-1945WWII Topographic MapsItaly
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