109 (Royal Sussex Regt) Light Anti-Aircraft Regt

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    Hello everyone,

    I am currently trying to find out about my late Grandfather's war experience. Through some detective work I have come to the conclusion that he served in the 109 (Royal Sussex Regt) LAA, RA. [This is based on the fact that he transferred into the Royal Sussex in June 1940. The Royal Sussex, 7th Division was then transferred to the R.A. creating the 109th in Jan 1941]

    He told us that he went to France [possibly D-day +1 Gold Beach], Holland and then Germany. None of this is confirmed and I have been unable to find any information online as to the regiments movements.

    If anyone has any information on the 109th post June 6th 1944 it would be massively appreciated.

    Many thanks,

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    If anyone can tell me which Division/Corps they were attached to, that would be a good start. One source said they were 2nd Army group, but I haven't been able to see them listed in any of the Divisions/Corps with 2nd Army.
  3. Sheldrake

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    109 LAA Regiment were 106 AA Brigade tasked with protecting 2 TAF airfields in Normandy. The AA Orbat for 25th June 1944 shows them in that role.

    106 AA Brigade were relieved from the airfield defence by one of the later arriving brigades and joined 2nd Army as one of the two AA Brigades supporting the 2nd Army.

    I can't lay my hands on their War diary at the moment but will post anything more I find.
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    That's brilliant, thank you! I had seen somewhere that the 109th were with the 106th, but hadn't managed to expand on that further, or see the 106th mentioned anywhere else (very frustrating as you can imagine!)

    From what you wrote led me to another thread on this site and I've found this in relation to a similar question -

    "it would seem that on D-Day Juno and Sword was assigned to 80th AA Brigade. Several other Brigades were to follow ashore in the next few days. "Close behind the two leading brigades [76th AA Brig. was on Gold] was 106th AA Brigade intended for airfield defence."

    Thank you so much for your help, really feel like I'm making progress with this now.
  5. Historic Steve

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    Can help post May 45 the regiment still 106 AA Bde their HQ was Neuengamme south of Hamburg command moved from 2 Army to 8 Corps and the Bde HQ to Geeshacht south east of Hamburg then to Ratzeburg south of L├╝beck then Jul 45 to Hamburg City the regiment was last recorded at Bergedorf south east Hamburg and disbanded 28 Feb 46

    Thanks go to Bluebell Minor for his research
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    Hi Ian

    I might be able to help. I have been researching my father, who was in the 109 LAA Royal Sussex Regiment. I have his diary (very sketchy, but helpful enough), and have been to the Archives at Kew to look at the War Diaries. Could you reply, as I'm not very good at working this.

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