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  1. I was very impressed finding a post from 2009 concerning the battery my father was in from 1940 to 1942. I am delighted to say that the post instigator and I am now in touch thanks to WW2Talk.
    I have been through most of the suggestions for further research suggested in the 2009 post, though there are couple of questions that others might have the answers to,
    On the handwritten War Diary for the 27 LAA there is mention of what looks like 'Ammatures' who seem to be soldiers either transferred or recruits. Search engines have not revealed what they are.
    The War Diary also gives locations in North Africa, most of which we can find - Port Tufik (Tewfiq), El Quassasin and Sofafi, One however has eluded us - Sauyet-auled-Ali. It could be near Mersa Matruh or Sidi Birrani. Checking the North Africa airfield sites online has not revealed the location. The spelling may be incorrect, of course, but any pointers would be helpful.
    Having only just come across the WW2Talk site, I am very impressed at the sharing of knowledge you all have.
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    Could it be "and matures"? As in older soldiers or reservists transferred into the regiment from other units. In November 1939, 139 Field Regiment sent its 'matures' off to anti-aircraft units as it prepared for service with the BEF; the under nineteens were also posted to other regiments as they were too young for overseas service. Here's the diary entry (thankfully typed so much easier to interpret):

  3. That's very useful, thanks. Matures does make sense though there does appear to be an ;Am; before it. Maybe it was a term localised to the 27th. Other entries refer to the fact that they were having problems getting recruits, and there were drafts from the Ox & Bucks to fill the ranks. Detail.JPG
  4. Looking more closely I wonder if these are immatures - those who were not reservists and, like my dad, men who joined without any military experience?
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    That does look like 'immatures'. Possibly a reference to recruits of 18-ish who were too young to accompany their original unit on an upcoming overseas posting, and so were sent on to your father's regiment? Here's how such men were mentioned in the 139 Field Regiment diary:

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    Hello Michael,

    On this map Egypt 1:500,000 a few locations marked “Water Perennial” and named “Sânyet” in the vicinity of Sîdi Barrâni but not this one. It seems Sânyet means well.

    However I did find this: Sāniyat Awlād `Alī

    Location is shown here:

    Sāniyat Awlād ‘Alī.JPG

  7. Again, great info, Richard. As the writer spelt Tewfiq 'Tufik', Awlād as 'auled' is possible, especially if there is an airfield close by.

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