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    16 SEPTEMBER 2014
    Soldier, barrister and Welsh independent television pioneer: tribute to the 8th Earl of Lisburne who has died

    The 8th Earl of Lisburne, the soldier, barrister, Welsh independent television pioneer and landowner who grew up on the Crosswood Estate, Aberystwyth, has died aged 96.

    The earl, John David Malet Vaughan, who died earlier this month, will be laid to rest at St Afan’s church, Piercefield Lane, Llanafan, Aberystwyth on Friday.
    He was born at The Grove, Watford but raised at the family home, Trawsgoed or Crosswood Park, Ceredigion.

    The young Viscount Vaughan grew up alongside his eldest sister, Lady Gloria, and a younger sister, Lady Honor who were referred to in county society as “Glory, Laud and Honor”. A third sister, Lady Auriel, the novelist Oriel Malet, was born in 1923.

    After Eton, the viscount read law at Magdalen College, Oxford but on the outbreak of the Second World War his legal career was disrupted. He quickly joined up with the Welsh Guards, one of a few young officers recruited without having to pass the Officer Training Course (OTC).

    Vaughan served as an instructor with the training battalion and at Sandhurst, prior to joining the 2nd Battalion, Welsh Guards.

    While training for the D-Day landings he was badly injured, falling under a landing craft but after an operation he was to see action as a platoon commander in the North West Europe campaign, entering Brussels with the Guards Armoured Division in 1944.

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    The Sketch 15th December 1943
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