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    Thank you both for your advice. I have some of dads records and you are correct about Sicily. They also show he went to Raiding Support Regt. Would this be with his Regt or as a posting away from it. Info is a bit sketch about them
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    Raiding Support Regiment was a unit in it's own right. I've posted a fair bit of stuff on them IIRC on here. Use the forum Search Engine to have a look. I'm not at home so I can't check but I think they were equipped with 25 pounders and had a similar Orbat to a Field Regiment.
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    There is no mention of your father in the regimental history. That said, there was a Gunner W Lawrence, also 288 Bty, killed in action on 3 July 1942. Any relation?


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    Hi Steve,
    Is there any mention of Sgt John Robinson who was captured on Crete


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    A Sergeant J Robinson is listed in the Regimental History as a POW, captured 2-6-1941 on Crete.
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    Thanks for that, at least its firmed up the date of capture for me.


  7. Dave-Lawrence

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    Thanks to you both no wrong guy dad came home & died in the 80's
  8. Steve Mac

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    Hello Dave,

    I assumed that it wasn't your dad, rather I was asking if Gunner W Lawrence was another relative!?


  9. Tom OBrien

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    Has anyone seen any other details of this incident recorded in the war diary of 102 A Tk Regt in September 1944? (Source: WO171/929):

    3 September 1944
    Approaching ANNOCULIN 599251. At cross roads 599252 the M.14, Office 3-tonner and Officers Mess 15-cwt go straight on instead of turning right. They run into enemy position which they are holding covering the bridge at DON 590277. The M.14 is hit by 88 mm and the two following vehicles riddled by small arms fire. A good deal of the Div HQ Column is halted on the road ANNOCULIN – ALLENES while the recce parties who had been called forward from the head of the coln at very short notice, try to get their vehicles dispersed. At 0030 hrs we are all in less the three trucks mentioned above. While we are wondering what could have happened Lieut. MARRIOTT met Gnr. GIDDINGS his batman who had been on the M.14 and who had escaped and found his way back.
    At 0145 hrs a party of six carriers from Cheshires was laid on to go back to cross roads at 599252 and to endeavour to get down DON road to our vehicles. A Tp of 6-prs from 107 Bty went in sp. This party was unable to get to our vehicles and took up positions in the village in order to prevent the enemy coming up from DON.

    4 September 1944
    107 Bty. Lt. V.G. WHITE (304281) killed in action while recceing positions in area DON 5927 in an endeavour to find gun positions to sp Cheshire carriers trying to get forward to our three burnt-out vehicles.
    At about 0600 hrs Lt. MARRIOTT went to cross-roads at 599252 to contact Tp of 107 Bty and Cheshire carriers. He went on a recce down the road towards DON and nearly reached our vehicles at 590269. He was unable to get right to them unobserved, however, and was forced to return.

    5 September 1944
    It is now definitely established that the following casualties occurred at DON on the night 3/4 Sep when three of our trucks took the wrong road:-
    327099 W/Sgt HUMBLE F. )
    557475 W/Bdr COLDWELL J. ) All buried in cemetery of village
    1077045 W/Bdr McCARTER J.L. ) of DON. France & Belgium 1/50,000
    4868774 Gnr. BOOTH D. ) Sheet 63 M.R. 590274.
    1154052 Gnr. LOCK, H. )
    324619 Pte JOHNSTON D. (ACC) )
    912067 W/Sgt (AC) FIRTH G.S.
    327171 L/Bdr COX J.
    1528098 Gnr. DUNN A.H.
    1135971 Dvr/Op WAINWRIGHT J.K.

    An attack was put in on the position by 6 D.L.I. and by 1130 hrs they had cleared the village of DON.
    Sgt FIRTH who had been wounded on night 3/4 Sep had been hidden in a French house until the arrival of DLI this morning when he was produced and evacuated.
    The three vehicles and trailer were completely burnt out.



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