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    I am researching a relative who flew as a wireless operator with 101 squadron between Aug and Nov 1944

    I have seen his personal flight log and am interested to see any other records or documents available on the raids he flew in.

    I know the official records are available to view at NA, but was wondering if anyone had other documents or photos that they would be willing to share

    Thank you in advance

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    Hi Colin,

    There are indeed records available at the National Archives. There are the squadron records in two parts (summary of events and record of events), as well as records on the raids.
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    The other place to try is the archive at the RAF Museum Hendon. They have log books and other diocuments. I nhave always found their archivists very helpful. You need to make an appointment
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    No 101 Squadron has an active association which meets in Lincoln every mid September and pay a visit to their former airfield at Ludford Magna where they became the only ABC equipped squadron in the RAF...........Ludford or as those which served there..Mudford Magna.

    For the Association...go to....... http://101squadronassociation.org/contact.html
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