100th anti tank (8th Gordon Highlanders)

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    Hi All
    Previously started thread elsewhere but hoped maybe posting here might cover some missing areas

    Thanks to help from forum members and some of my own detective work I think my father was attached to 100th Anti Tank in Burma from about 1944, possibly as a driver of a Priest. I have requested service records but still waiting for them.
    Pics attached
    If anyone can shed any light it would be much appreciated
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    Found this cutting from The Highlander which may point to his whereabouts prior to returning home

    IEUAN PHILLIPS 1924 – 2013
    It was learned belatedly
    of the death on 17th August 2013 in Hampshire, of Ieuan
    Phillips. He had enlisted in the 100th Anti-Tank Regiment
    Gordon Highlanders in 1943, whilst they were in Nira, India.
    He was caught up in the Battle for Kohima, where he said
    together with many others, they lost three of their Majors.
    In May 1946 on his completion of 3 years and 2 months
    abroad, his Army Service ended. His unit was at that time
    in an area 11 miles form Poona. We could get no details
    of his life pre nor post service, other that leuan lived in
    Gosport Hampshire. His funeral was in Gosport, on what
    would have been his 89th birthday.

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