100 Yrs ago -12 Mar 1918 my great uncle died.

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    I haven't logged in for a while and I hope this is ok to post. It's 100 years ago since my great uncle died. His name was Pte. J.E. Goodyear of the Welsh Fusiliers and he is buried at the main cemetery in Padua, Italy.

    He was only 23 and from what I found out online somewhere he died of accidental injuries. I think I will send for his death record...maybe that will tell me more. I haven't found any evidence of him being married or having any children...so it's almost like he's forgotten. So I thought I would post here. Thanks for thinking of him.
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    Thanks for posting. Never forgotten :poppy:
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    You might be better off joining Great War Forum and posting your questions there. But here are a few quick pointers.

    Royal Welsh Fusiliers – The Long, Long Trail

    WW1 war diaries are downloadable from the National Archives. they cost £3.50 per diary.

    1 Battalion Royal Welsh Fusiliers | The National Archives is 1 RWF but only goes to November 1917.

    Ancestry have them too. But they tend to be of just France and Flanders. A this is a death in italy it may be a bit tricker to work out.

    Good luck with your research.

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    He is Remembered here page 189
    Shropshire's Sacrifice in the Great War
    Service Number 18401

    Died 12/03/1918

    Aged 23

    1st Bn.
    Royal Welsh Fusiliers

    Son of John and Emma Goodyear, of Petley Cottage, Maesbury Marsh, Oswestry, Salop.


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    British Army WWI Medal Rolls Index Cards, 1914-1920
    Name: John Goodyear
    Regiment or Corps: The Royal Welsh (Welch) Fusiliers
    Regimental Number: 18401

    It would seem from the wording on his Card above that he died of wounds on 12th March 1918

    Service Number 18401
    Died 12/03/1918
    Aged 23
    1st Bn.
    Royal Welsh Fusiliers
    Son of John and Emma Goodyear, of Petley Cottage, Maesbury Marsh, Oswestry, Salop.

    UK, Soldiers Died in the Great War, 1914-1919
    Name: John Goodyear
    Birth Place: St. Helen's
    Death Date: 12 Mar 1918
    Death Place: Italy
    Enlistment Place: Frodsham
    Rank: Private
    Regiment: The Royal Welsh (Welch) Fusiliers
    Battalion: 1st Battalion
    Regimental Number: 18401
    Type of Casualty: Died
    Theatre of War: Western European Theatre

    Forgot to add that re War Diaries they seem to only go to end 1917 fron his Regt

    The War Diary reqd is I believe (although I have been known to be wrong :rolleyes:) is
    Reference: WO 95/4226
    22 Infantry Brigade:
    1 Battalion Royal Welsh Fusiliers (1917 Dec - 1919 Jan).
    2 Battalion Royal Warwickshire Regiment (1917 Dec - 1919 Feb).
    20 Battalion Manchester Regiment (1917 Dec - 1918 Aug).
    Brigade Machine Gun Company (1917 Dec - 1918 Mar)
    Date: 1917 Dec 1 - 1919 Feb 28
    Held by: The National Archives, Kew
    Legal status: Public Record(s)
    Closure status: Open Document, Open Description
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    Oh wow...I didn't know all that! Thank you!! I will be sure to check the links out. All four of my grandparents were in the armed forces during ww2 too. My grandmother worked in the officers mess with 617 sqn (she would often tell me stories), my other grandmother was in the ATS...she claims she was in there with the current Queen..but I don't know how accurate that is! My grandfather was a chef in the Royal marines (he mentioned one time he went to Jerusalem) my sister still has his badge off his jacket and my other grandfather I have posted about on here and his father was in the coldstream guards around 1918. Interestingly, I found some newspaper articles printed back then about him.

    Anyway, getting back to my great uncle, I found him a while back while researching my great grandmother...I don't remember him ever being mentioned by my Grandmother, although he died before she was born. But it seems he had no wife and children and I thought it was just sad that no one was really remembering him. I did order a picture of his grave and it looks very nicely kept. His name is on a memorial in Knockin, Oswestry and also listed in the local church. After I posted I found that St.Chads in Shrewsbury will be remembering him on Wed 14th. They have a list of soldiers they are remembering.

    Anyway, thanks for all the info. It's amazing what you have found in such a short time. Thanks again.

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