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Discussion in 'Durham Light Infantry' started by marywestley, Aug 9, 2010.

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    Hi Henk,
    The thread deals with 10th DLI ? If your interest is 9th DLI ask one of the nice mods to move your query to its own thread you may get a better response . As to the member you are asking the query of .he isnt around here anymore try contacting him through his website or if you are purchasing war diaries from one of the guys they may answer your question for you? It is 13th Jan-18th Jan 1944 isnt it? When the DLI were preparing for D=Day?


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    Hi Kyle,

    Didn't noticed that Verriers was no longer member, Now I see it yes.
    I replied to his answer were he was talking about the 9 DLI :
    "brief rundown of 9th DLI Places Jan 1945
    8th January 1945 Isenbruch
    11th January 1945 Buchten
    13th January 1945 Bakenhoven with Carriers at Gebroek
    16th January 1945 Assault on Dieteren (80 men in Susteren at this time)
    19th-22nd January 1945 Area of Montford and St Joost one company to assist in capture of bridge between St Joost and Stiel (base at Schilberg immediately prior to attack)
    22nd January 1945 Peij
    24th January 1945 Diergaarde
    30th January 1945 (D Company 9DLI) Paarlo"

    This was early 1945.
    I asked the question also in another thread.
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    Hi Henk,
    If you ask the question on a specific thread then it will attract a better response because the same question on multiple threads tends to get ignored because answers get overlooked :) If you need specific answers its best to ask directly on a new thread (If you are happy the question has not been asked/answered previously ?
    I noticed the question on the 9th DLI thread (Tucks) but thought that was a query regarding the War Diaries which Owen kindly answered. This threads question ;-
    I assumed was another enquiry,however are you simply asking if `Verrieres` has the 9th DLI War Diary ? If he does (which I`m sure he will) it will have been supplied by `Drew` as per Owens recommendation on the other thread . (See how complicated multi threads can get ? :( )


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