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    I've been working with another small batch of frustratingly tiny photographs.

    This time I think they're 1 Singapore Regiment R.A. in either the late 40s or the early 50s. My order of battle for FARELF 1950-51 gives Singapore Base District as one potential location and another Johore Bahru under 26 Gurkha Infantry Brigade (one troop detached from the unit).

    Interestingly, from a personal perspective, if the former is correct, these men were based on Sentosa, where I was on holiday earlier this year--suffice to say they wouldn't recognise the place.

    Anyway, the first man reclining on the back of the truck in Pic 2 has a patch on his arm that looks under a magnifying glass to be this:


    It's extremely faint, but I'm pretty certain.

    Pic. 1

    This first picture is printed on different paper from those that follow and given that four guns can be discerned, there is more than one troop present at this site.


    (can you decipher it?)
    Some of the lads at Sungei Sipal (?)
    Komming Rock di blak..ng (?)


    2. I like this picture. I didn't actually spot the shy chap with the lustrous hair on first inspection, nor the disembodied hand playing with the bush hat on the man furthest right.


    Caption: Command Post Staff

    Pic 3

    I fancy that the Brit whose face can be seen clearly also features in Pics 5 & 6 (from row, seated, sixth from left)

    Pic 4.
    (note 'R.A.' shoulder patch on the man to the right)


    Pics 5 & 6 (both with additional zooms).

    I'd say that these were unofficial snapshots taken while a professional photographer was setting up. Notice what looks like a tripod/bipod to the extreme right of the second photograph. Anybody know anything about old cars? (I don't). Both guns labeled '1', gun 'A' to the left and gun 'B' to the right.

    20190610_212824.jpg 20190610_212919.jpg 20190610_213121.jpg 20190610_213036.jpg

    Is anybody able to glean any more details that I have missed?

    If you're good at this kind of thing, kindly cast a glance over these others:

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    Malaya '48: Photos & Weapon Analysis
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    Could be Sungei Siput, near Kuala Kangsar.
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    Charley Fortnum Dreaming of Red Eagles

    Thank you.

    Will investigate!
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    Charley Fortnum Dreaming of Red Eagles


    In 1957 I frequently used the Sungei-Siput strip and was always made welcome by the two officers of the Singapore Regiment Royal Artillery who occasionally asked me to observe fall of shot and register possible targets for future use.

    The Singapore Regiment was manned by Malay other ranks, only the officers were British. The guns were 3.7 A/A with a very flat trajectory. This made it difficult to engage targets in the hilly jungle in that area – Howitzers would have suited better.

    As the unit was just a troop with only two British Officers – one a Senior Major about my age and service, the other a very young Second Lieutenant (National Service) – they didn’t get on very well socially.

    I had an open invite to help myself to cold drinks whenever visiting the site. Both had dinner in the evenings at different Planters Bungalows and I was asked if I would like to help myself to their rations as they would only be thrown away. They said the minimum rations they could be issued with from the supply depot were for six, so I was able to load my aircraft and share the spoils with the married members of my flight. The Malays being Muslims were issued with their type.

    The Police Officers at Sungei-Siput were also very friendly – they were responsible for our petrol supply. One day a Police vehicle arrived at the station while I was there, and the Indian Inspector lifted the tarpaulin to show me two rubber tappers who had been tied to a tree and disembowelled.

    Meanwhile, I've deciphered another part with your help. As we're in Sungei Siput, the exact location in that caption is Kamuning Rock aka Lion Hill or Bukit Kamuning (or Kemuning).

    Which I have precisely:

    Screenshot 2019-06-11 at 00.46.52.jpg

    Google Maps
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