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    I'm looking for war diary about the 53rd Welsh infantry division or the 1st batallion Manchester régiment between august and september 1944. Il shall be interested by some photographies or documents where they past in Airaines.
    Sorry for my bad english.
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    Just noticed this post tucked away elsewhere.
    I have moved post to own thread.
    I how some of the members can help.

    1 Manchester Regiment
    1944 Jan.- Aug.
    Reference: WO 171/1336
    | The National Archives

    1 Manchester Regiment
    1944 Sept., Oct.
    Reference: WO 171/1337
    | The National Archives
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    Hi Picarfou, I can help you with photographing those war diaries.

    Some details about what I do are here: Arcre - ARCRE - Frequently Asked Questions

    Either PM me here or contact me through ARCRE if I can be of assistance.


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