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    Hello everyone,

    I have recently received service records for my Great Grandfather, a career Signaller of some 30 years.

    From his records I can see he was posted to 1 Corps Sigs on the 10/10/1943 and served with them until 11/06/1945. He embarked from the UK on the 04/06/1944 and landed in Normandy on D-Day as a Sergeant. His records say "1 Corps Sigs" only and do not mention his attachment to any Brigades or Regiments which makes it difficult to narrow done his position on June 6th onwards.

    After lots of searching I can find very little on 1 Corps Signals and would love to know more about their movements from Normandy to their attachment to the Canadian Army liberating the Channel Ports.

    My requests are as follows -

    1) I know that half of 1 Corps Sigs landed on Juno and the other half on Sword - Can I determine which beach he was on?
    2) Does anyone have any photos of 1 Corps Sigs?
    3) Does anyone have any accounts / info on 1 Corps Sigs in NW Europe?

    Any help or direction would be of great value to me - these records took me 10 years to get so it really is the start of me getting to know my Great Grandfather!

    Kind regards,

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