1/76 Scratch-built CMP F15A 15cwt Machinery K-L

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    I finally got some paint on my scratch-built CMP Machinery (Welding) and here are a few photos. Utilizing the excellent Oxford Diecasts 13 Cab and wheels I scratch-built the chassis and body including a Lincoln 300 Amp Welding maching on board as inspired by some photos found on line. The injection moulded glazing was removed from the cab and replaced with flush glazing. Use of the Oxford cab was inspired by Richard Allebone who has used them on some of his latest models with great results.

    I utilized Dan Taylor tread-plate and truck mirrors and a figure from the Milicast Squaddie set. Decals were from Pete Marshall at Aleran.



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    Neil excellent thank you for posting
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    Thanks Clive for your appreciation.


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    I am happy to see some things do not change :)

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