1/76 Scratch-built CMP Chev C60S Light Breakdown

Discussion in 'Modelling' started by Neilie, Jun 12, 2017.

  1. Neilie

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    I finally finished this one having had to wait a little while Pete Marshall (Aleran) ran me off a replacement set of decals as the first set had a couple of mishaps....thinner paper or older age!!
    At any rate, it is done using the Oxford cab with the balance scratch-built and with a couple of modified Milicast figures from the Engineers set mastered by Dave Rhodes.
    It is marked up as a breakdown somewhere in the UK with the 4th Armd Bde Workshop of the 4th Cdn Armd Div performing routine depot duties.
    It is finished in the base colour of SCC2 Brown with no disruptive. My thanks to Pete for the decals, Dave for the figures and Mike Starmer for his always excellent input on colour schemes.
    With this one, it completes my builds of all the types of wreckers used by the Canadian Army during WW2.



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  2. kopite

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    Very nice!
  3. Smudger Jnr

    Smudger Jnr Our Man in Berlin

    Very nice indeed.

  4. CL1

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    Neil fantastic work
    thank you for posting

  5. Dave55

    Dave55 Atlanta, USA

    Another great job.

    What's on the end of the winch? Looks like a 4 cylinder engine of some type but I can't ID it.
  6. Neilie

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    Thanks all for the great comments and "Likes". Dave, the engine is a Scammell Pioneer engine. I had one spare from the Milicast R-100 kit which I made the master for some time ago and it seemed like a good load. Canada did use the Scammell SV2S Heavy Breakdown in addition to Ward Lafrance and Mack LMSW for heavy work.


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  7. canuck

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    When you have exhausted the CMP variants from WW2, the post-war applications offer limitless possibilities.

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  8. Neilie

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    Thanks Canuck but as I do British as well there is still many military to do. Great subject though.
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