1/76 Scammell R100 and QF 6" 26cwt Howitzer - Libya 1941

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    I just completed a Milicast Scammell R100 towing a Bull Models QF 6” 26cwt Howitzer which was inspired by a photo of the same combination in Libya in 1941. The Scammell was OOB while the howitzer did have a few additions including a new draft connector and sighting device. The Caunter scheme seemed to be non-standard at least on the nearside and there was a lot of back and forth with Mike Starmer who kindly did a coloured impression of what it looked like. Dave Rhodes also gave some input to the colours as well but finally, we agreed to what you see on the model. Mike’s thought was that there had been some damage to the nearside resulting in some quick overpainting with the colours at hand and didn’t include the darker Slate Grey as it should have had. The identity of the regiment was also an issue and Dan Taylor and Dave Rhodes again were solicited for input. Regimental histories show that the 7th Medium Regiment were in the area at the time and were equipped with the 6” howitzers so it is assumed this is the regiment using the AoS 32. No other markings are evident on the vehicle and positive ID was not possible. The model depicts the unit layed up on a desert highway in Libya in February 1941 with the crew taking a break. Note the missing windscreen which had been removed to presumably improve air-flow into the vehicle.

    My thanks to Mike, Dave and Dan for their time and input.



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    Another wonderful model.
    The tyre patterns looks to be special.
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    Neil superb as ever thank you for posting
    I like the leaner
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    Thanks all for the kind comments and "Likes". I had it pointed out the chap wearing a beret should be wearing a side cap at that time.....head swap coming up.


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    Are you medically qualified for that - cap,gown, mask, theatre, nurses etc etc


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