1/76 Morris Quad Mk II with 4.5 " Howitzer

Discussion in 'Modelling' started by Neilie, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. Neilie

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    Here is a recently completed Quad Mk II with a 4.5" Howitzer and #26 Limber. Although the Quad is listed as a Mk I/II by Milicast, it has the smaller wheels and added windows of a Mk III. The wheels were swapped for suitably altered Guy Ant wheels also from Milicast, the windows were filled in (unfortunately I realized the window problem after initial painting) and a gun platform rack was scratch built. Additional details were also added including wipers and mirrors from Dan Taylor Models, and the transfers came from the spares box (Aleran and Starmers Armour). Figures (including the driver) are from Bull Models.
    The Matador Models 4.5" was detailed up and the larger solid rubber kit wheels were replaced with the later pneumatic resin ones. The #26 Limber was also detailed and the profile of the storage bins in front was corrected.
    It is marked as the 72nd Field Regt - 50th Mot Inf Div as at Arras, France May 1940.



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  2. canuck

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    Nicely done Neilie!

    A little deja vu for me. I built my first Airfix 1/72 Quad and 25 pounder some 45 years ago. Still a favourite.
  3. Owen

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    Always like to see other people's models.
    Dont make any myself nowadays.
  4. stolpi

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    Again amazing detail for a 1/76 scale model - nice work!

    The 4.5" Howitzer is not the same as a 25-pounder gun?
  5. CommanderChuff

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    Nice model, thanks for posting,

  6. Smudger Jnr

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    Excellent modelling skills and well presented.

  7. Neilie

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    Thanks for the nice comments folks. Stolpi, the 4.5 had it's origins prior to WW1 and saw service throughout and into WW2, was upgraded (Martin-Parry) eventually with pneumatic tires, etc. It was used until roughly 1942 when it and the 18 Pdr were replaced by the 25 Pdr. Some continued in training roles throughout the war and served with other counties beyond that.


  8. Swiper

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    Yet more wonderful modelling.

    I wish I was half as good as that!
  9. Mike L

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    Lovely stuff Neil.

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