1/76 Milicast Scammell SV1S Heavy Recovery

Discussion in 'Modelling' started by Neilie, Oct 10, 2021.

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    I just finished the new Milicast Scammell SV1S/T and here it is finished for the 1st Armoured Division as it may have appeared in the Spring of 1940 prior to going to France. Roughly 44 of these went to France and it is believed none returned. The more common SV2S with the telescopic jib did go on to serve in NA and other theatres throughout WW2. I was built basically OOB with some modifications especially to the back end as it is so new, the instructions weren't ready when I got my copy so relied on photos to get the back details more or less correct. The figure is also a Milicast "Squaddie" with a head-swap to a helmeted one from their Engineers range and decals as usual were provided by Pete Marshall and my thanks to him. Dick Harley also provided input on the rear detail and I am much obliged to Dick for his knowledgeable input. I also elected to go with a single colour of Khaki Green #3 as suggested by Andrew Foulkes as many vehicles in excess of 3 tons were finished that way and with no disruptive so my thanks to him as well. Unfortunately, the colour appears to be more green in the photos although in reality, it is more brown.



    20211009_063323.jpg 20211009_063420.jpg 20211009_063447.jpg 20211009_063514.jpg
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    Neil as ever excellent model thank you for posting
  3. Neilie

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    Thank you very much Clive.....much appreciated!


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    Again the amount of detail for this scale size is astonishing ... Neil, you must have 'sharp eyes' like an eagle and a monk's patience
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    Thanks stolpi.....the eyes are 78 years old but still serving me well....had a right eye cataract removed early this year and the left is a candidate down the road a bit.....an Optivisor is a necessity however.


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    Always impressed with the quality your work!:salut:
  7. Trux

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    I gave you a like but otherwise I have run out of superlatives.

    Could you reveal a secret and tell what paints you use. I have been finding it difficult to find suitable shades without mixing. I still use the old fashioned, but never the less expensive good quality paint brush. Partly because I do not like equipment which needs care and attention in setting up, careful cleaning after use and somehow looses the intimacy of a brush.


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