1/76 Milicast Scammell R100 and QF 7.2" Howitzer

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  1. Neilie

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    It's late summer 1944 in France and a heavy artillery piece of the 4th AGRA - 51st Heavy Regt. is moving slowly down a very narrow country road.....
    The Scammell Pioneer and QF 7.2 are both Milicast while the driver, commander, two figures and standing figure are from Dan Taylor Modelworks. The two seated figures in the crew compartment are modified Airfix. Decals came from Pete Marshall at Aleran and Mike Starmer capably assisted with the colour scheme and markings.

    Hope you like it.



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  2. Smudger Jnr

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    Another stunning Diorama.

  3. Mike L

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    Another beauty Neil and your groundwork gets better and better!
  4. CL1

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    Neil well done mate,excellent

  5. Rob Dickers

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    Exellent Neil, well done again mate.
    The model denotes a gun & tractor of "A" troop, no.1Bty, as you say in Aug 44 before they received their new MkV 7.2's & Mack Tractors in March 45 for "Op Plunder", the Rhine Crossing assault.
    Below you can see what they were doing in Aug 44.

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  6. Neilie

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    Thanks, Tom, Mike, Clive and Rob for your great comments and Rob....thanks very much for the supportive documentation on the whereabouts of the 51st during that period. I will confess that I took a bit of a chance as I had no definitive information on whether they had the Macks and Mk V's at that period but reading through the posts on this subject on this site, I thought it safe to go with the Scammell and older 7.2.
    Milicast have recently released an excellent Mack NO and I understand a new 7.2/155 is in the works also. I will be ordering the Mack soon and if I have to wait too long, I will scratch-build the gun. I have a photo of the 53rd with these on strength in Holland in 1945.

    Thanks again all.


  7. CommanderChuff

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    Very nice, all credit to you for a great model,

  8. Neilie

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    Thanks, David...your kind comments are very much appreciated.



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