1/76 Caterpiller D8 and LeTourneau Carryall LS Scraper

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  1. Neilie

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    I have just finished my scratch-built 1/76 Caterpiller D8 and LeTourneau Carryall LS Scraper. It is seen here in the Bourg-Leopold region of Belgium in January 1945 as detailed in the War Diary of the 2 Road Construction Coy of the RCE. My thanks go to Stu Harrison for the wheels and track assemblies, Peter Marshall (Aleran Minis) for the decals and to Corjan De Wit for making available the manual for the scraper. The figures are AB and make a nice little addtion to the scene I think.


    20220206_084709.jpg 20220206_084722.jpg 20220206_084759.jpg 20220206_084814.jpg 20220206_084835.jpg 20220206_085824.jpg
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  2. Owen

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    I do like the subjects you model.
    Good to see the unusual choices.
  3. Neilie

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    Thanks Owen....a bit out of the norm but fun to model.


  4. stolpi

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    Ni Neil - Great as usual ...

    ... but a Carryall LS Scraper? What was this device used for.
  5. CL1

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    Neil as ever fantastic interesting piece

    well done

  6. CL1

    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery Patron

    for interest
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  7. Neilie

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    Thanks Stolpi and Clive and thanks Clive for posting the video....that should answer the question. They basically levelled the ground for road, airstrip and building construction by removing the high points and then by moving the gate forward expelling the earth into the low points.These were used initially with the graders doing the finer work later.


  8. dryan67

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    Maybe we can get Lightning McQueen to pull one of those.
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