1/5 Bn Welch Regt September 1944

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  1. Mike Boulter

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    Does anyone have the war diaries for the period 18th to 30th Sept. I have found a few that are different in their reports. I have a friend in Holland that cannot understand why my uncle was taken to the field hospital in Duizel when the reports including his service record state that he was KIA. Also what was the insignia of the 1/5 th battalion.
    many thanks for any help
  2. Tricky Dicky

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    I have sent a message to our resident expert [Swiper] in this area, hopefully he will be along to help out

  3. Mike Boulter

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    Many thanks
  4. Swiper

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    Tricky question.

    Insignia varies, and much of 1/5th Welch's declined during Normandy.

    On paper its the 'Welch Regiment' title, then the 53rd Divisional Bardic Crown (1943 screen print most common), then potentially Regimental (white/red/green) order may be off but it is late) AOS stripe then maybe Brigade... photo evidence of this varies a great deal. The Regimental strip returns by March 1945 throughout the Regiment but I suspect in Holland with 1/5th Welch you'd mostly encounter just 'Welch Regiment' and Bardic Crown beneath.

    Plenty of images here which should help.

    1/5th Welch

    Of all Bns, 1/5th Welch present a rather large headache in this regard - for a mix of reasons!
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    Many thanks for the link Swiper. Any luck on where I can view the diaries? I live in South Wale so it would be a real pain to get to the National Archives.
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  7. Mike Boulter

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    Thanks for the links TD. I can't believe I never found this site before its a gold mine of information with the likes of Swiper and yourself to help. Many thanks again
  8. Drew5233

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    It's a large diary at 588 pages including all the appendices.
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    Drew - in post #1 Mike says:
  10. Mike Boulter

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    Drew,TD and Swiper
    The reason I asked for 18th to 30th of Sept was that I want to pin down the area where my uncle was killed. He was serving with the 1/5th Bn and is commemorated in a Maria Chapel in Duizel. I have been told that it was possibly in Bladel but cannot confirm that. I am going out to Duizel in Sept to meet my friend who is trying to find out more with regard to the local history but he says that all the patients, on the plaque in the chapel, from the field hospital died of their wounds but my uncles service record states KIA. He is still puzzling over this.
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    Does anyone happen to have a copy of the 1/5 Welch war diary and officer roll for April 1945?
    I'm trying to track down which company my grandfather was commanding (either A or C company) when they attacked Rethem on the 11th April 1945.

    Any leads or suggestions much appreciated.
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    Have you seen this thread on here: Battle of Rethem 1945 (Aller river crossing)

    WW2Talk member JDKR wrote a book on this battle, entitled No Triumphant Procession, maybe he could provide you with some more information. You could send him a PM.
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