1/35th scale Airborne Carrier

Discussion in 'Modelling' started by KevinT, Oct 3, 2016.

  1. KevinT

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    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg
    The carrier is from Riich Models and the figures are a mixture of Bronco and Masterbox Airborne figures.


  2. CL1

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    Well done Kevin thank you for posting great work

  3. smdarby

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    Kevin - where was he photo taken? Looks like somewhere in Holland. Can't read the road sign.
  4. Owen

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  5. smdarby

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    Thanks Owen - not far from Holland! Church is still there...

    Brünen,_evangelische_Kirche_foto1_2012-08-03_12_33.jpg Paras_hamminkeln_25_march_1945.jpg
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  6. von Poop

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    I read the heading as '1/35th scale aircraft carrier'...
    Lawks! I thought, before realising I'm an idiot.

    Fine work, Kevin.
  7. Cee

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    Wonderful job Kevin!

    There's some more information on the two photos, BU 2302 and BU 2293, in the video below which showcases the wartime album of Captain J. B. Roberts of No. 1 Platoon, 716th Light Composite Company, RASC. Some of the men are named as well.

    Regards ...
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  8. Cee

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    Here's what Captain Roberts wrote on the face of the photo showing the carrier with men (BU 2302):

    "277 Glider - No. 1 Para. Pl. 716 Coy RASC. 6th Airborne Divison.
    Haminkeln - 24. Mar. 45.

    And on the back of the same picture under the official description he added,

    "Coming from the crashed glider to the Company area we passed through the battered village of Haminkeln about 10 (?) miles from the Rhine. At this crossroads we had great difficulty in turning the carrier as the controls had been jolted on landing.

    Personalities here are 'Skinny' Crossman (on foot) laughing at me.
    Ted Moran looking warily to his left - still holding his trusty Bren.
    I am driving the carrier - and keeping my head down."

    On the back of photo BU 2293 showing the men walking single file through Hamminkeln he wrote:

    "Having left the carrier, we proceeded on foot towards the rendez-vous - or what we thought it may be, as things had altered from the original plan. Sgt. Moran leads with his Bren gun at the alert. I am number four and just out the picture."

    Regards ...
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  9. KevinT

    KevinT Senior Member

    Thanks for the kind words and additional info guys.

    Riich currently make 3 versions of the carrier, the Mk I, II and the Airborne Mk III.
    I have done the Mk II which has a lovely detailed engine and the Mk III. The Mk III has no engine but has PE side and rear body panels and engine cover panels.
    If you enjoy modelling they are a nice build, a little fiddly in places, but great fun.


  10. Tim Blacker

    Tim Blacker New Member

    Kevin, I came across your post and would like to do the same scene. Which of the Riich universal carriers would suit best as I understand the Mk III had modifications that do not seem to appear in your reference photo. I assume it is a Mk II but possibly I would need the Mk III model to obtain the correct decals?


  11. KevinT

    KevinT Senior Member

    Hello Tim,

    Yes you would need to get the MK III to get the correct decals as the various MK's that Riich make have 3 or 4 decal options for each kit. The census numbers, AoS and Div signs come from photos of actual vehicles. If you wanted to make a specific carrier there are companies that make decal sets of Div signs and AoS numbers.
    Which modifications are you referring to?


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  12. Tim Blacker

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    The modifications listed on A living history of The Parachute Regiment and Airborne Forces | ParaData website include the following:

    Removal of the lower rear armour plate
    Removal of tool rack, camouflage net and locker
    Removal of mud shields and mud scraper
    Removal of lamps
    Removal of spare wheel
    Removal of front loop hole cover
    Removal of petrol cans
    Addition of mounting for 3” mortar on rear structure

    Your reference photo of 716 Coy RASC obviously does not have these modifications, or at least the carrier still has the mud shields and petrol cans. Hence I assumed the Riich models Mk II is required.


  13. KevinT

    KevinT Senior Member

    Hi Tim,

    I can't put my hands on the instructions right now but I have checked the kit and confirm:-
    No rear armour plate
    No tool rack, cammo net or rear locker
    Mud shields and mug scraper are in the kit but optional
    Lamps, spare wheel, loop hole cover and petrol cans are in the kit and again optional

    Only thing missing is the 3" mortar.

    So apart from the mortar it is pretty much covered in the MK III airborne version.


  14. Tim Blacker

    Tim Blacker New Member

    Thanks Kevin, I was thinking I would have to buy both the Mk II and Mk III. I should ignore the box art next time.



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