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Discussion in 'Network Information, Suggestions and Feedback' started by No.9, Mar 9, 2004.

  1. No.9

    No.9 Senior Member

    Perhaps this is something beyond the limits of this forum engine, but, on other forums this control shows posts made within the last ‘X’ days which the member has not personally viewed.

    In this forum it shows posts new since the poster’s last visit.

    What’s the difference? A big one actually. Take the first example. I log in after 24 hours and find there are 10 new posts I haven’t seen. I open one and reply to it. Then I have to log out for a couple of hours. I come back, log in, and find the 9 posts I have still to view plus any other new ones over the past two hours – no problem.

    With this forum, in the same scenario, when I return after two hours I’ve lost all the recent posts I haven’t yet read and only see those posted during the last two hours?

    If possible I really think this engine should work so that it continues to show posts a member hasn’t yet read until a preset number of days has elapsed, or they open them. B)

  2. Nick

    Nick Member

    Good idea No.9 - I'll look into that in a little while but I'm pretty busy working on some other big changes(mainly the new look). If you have any suggestions as to how to do this feel free to contact me, I'll be reasearching it myself in the mean time. I'll also be away this coming Thursday - Sunday which will make things hard.

    Nick :ph34r:
  3. No.9

    No.9 Senior Member

    Though I’ve had to learn an amount of html Nick, I’ve never dealt with this kind of task. My first thought however, is to ask the system vendors? I surmise it entails a small amount of extra data being stored in the member’s data file on the host server.

    If it is not desirable to allow the member a lengthy option regarding how far back to store, i.e. say 30 days +, 7 days or say 3 days should be enough. Arguably if someone’s gone off for a week or two’s, when they come back they’ll probably go through all sections and threads anyway.

    What appears to be happening now is a very simple trigger steered purely but the time of your last log in. Any posts after that point are shown, any before are not. Hence, if you log in after a 2 day absence you’ll find plenty. Immediately log out and back in 5 minutes and they’re all gone, irrespective of what you’ve actually read. :huh:

  4. salientpoints

    salientpoints Senior Member

    The Great War Forum http://www.1914-1918.org/forum uses the same software as this and is probably the most successful military forum IMHO on the web.

    I am not aware of anyone ever raising this as an issue in here and this has the following statistics as of now:

    Our members have made a total of 83,251 posts
    We have 2,439 registered members

    Given you have so many plans already for this great forum Nick and I assume your hands full with a full time job, I think we would all understand if something like this did not need to be so near the top of the pile just yet? Did this other software you mentioned offer these services? I am not well up on forum software so it may be more complex than 1st thought? maybe worth looking into in 12months or so, I appreciate it may cost some $

    I'd agree with No.9 it could become a potential problem and indeed the best place to start is just ask the providers.

    Me, I just leave the PC on logged in if I am busy and come back to read up later or do a very quick scan of the headlines first.


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