‘Heartless’ store chiefs snub Great Harwood poppy appeal collectors

Discussion in 'General' started by Vladd, Oct 12, 2010.

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    Just to balance it out :lol:

    An Aldi spokesperson said: “The Great Harwood store always allows representatives of the Royal British Legion to collect for the Poppy Appeal. We ask that they collect at the store entrance where there is a protective overhead canopy, because there is not enough room in-store to set up a stand. The dates were suggested because none were requested and these are our busiest dates in November, and would create the maximum footfall for the collectors’ appeal.”
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    yet another non-story then
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    Would there have been a story at all if it hadn't been a German company?
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    The press ....... anything which sells and shifts copy.
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    Having read Aldi's response I'd say they've gone out of their way to help by offering the prime position in the store and even suggesting the most suitable dates. In the past I've worked temporary (non-charity) stalls in supermarkets. This was generally space which had to be paid for but when you arrived you'd find it was usually some way away from the prime footfall!

    It's also notable that this appears to be a decision which the local manager can take - in most companies it would have to be filtered through at least two layers of senior management before ending up on the desk of some head office apparatchik who would ignore it in the hope it would go away ...
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    Similar to Marks and Sparks in Owens town last year then. I got a fair explanation from them at time and not as original story seemed at time.

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