‘B’ Company No.5 (Drivers) Battalion RASC based at Sutton in Ashfield

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    I am researching my fathers military service during WW2 and his first posting was to Sutton-in-Ashfield for "D & W Training" (presumably Driving and Weapons Training). As I live just a few miles away I was interested in finding more out about this, but this has proved rather difficult.
    I've found a first hand account stating that the men were billeted in church halls and presumably other suitable community buildings.
    I can find no references to the camp and the local museum curator is unaware of any camp there.
    I have a picture of my father, presumably of his platoons passing out, which is in front of the Old Bluebell pub in the town (Building is still standing and looks the exactly the same other than being disused and dilapidated.
    Maps around the time show no sign of a camp
    I guessed that it may have been at The Lawns public park and visiting it, it could be. There are a series of landscaped flat areas that could have been for parade grounds and parking areas.

    Still more research to do but has anyone else got any information on this Training Centre (there is even confusion of its title with both No 5 and No 11 Training Centre being suggested)?


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