New Resource The Prisoner of War April 1945 2018-09-27

Pdf scan of Red Cross newsletter for pow families

  1. Incredibledisc
    I have several copies of The Prisoner of War newsletter which was produced by the Red Cross/Order of St John spanning May 1943 to June 1945. I’ve managed to scan these to pdf format to upload and share. The newsletters were distributed free to families of British POWs held in Europe and the Far East. They contain useful info about the camps, articles, extracts from letters and Red Cross Camp reports and so on and would be useful to anyone with an interest in the POW experience and for people researching relatives who were held captive.

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  1. kippertrixie
    Version: 2018-09-27
    very interesting
    1. Incredibledisc
      Author's Response
      Thank you. It’s useful to see how the families were kept informed and to contrast the mostly cheery view of the camps portrayed here with the much more grim reality most prisoners endured.