New Resource Index to IWM A70-films (i.e. NW-Europe) 6.0

Links to all IWM films from D-Day to VE-Day

  1. Index to IWM A70-films (i.e. NW-Europe)

    Updated list with titles and links to (eventually) all IWM “A70-films”, covering the war in NW-Europe, from D-Day to VE-Day, and a bit more. The list, at present, contains some 1,100 links, but is still far from complete. Everything up to No. A70 183-17 (i.e. 2nd half of October 1944), however, is complete, equivalent to some 1,000 films. Updates will be uploaded regularly. Enjoy watching!

    Besides (and nothing to do with this resource): please let me (8RB) know, when you have any material on the 8th Rifle Brigade in WW2!
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