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St Nazaire submarine pens

St Nazaire submarine pens
Pompey Pal, Jul 19, 2013
    • Bernard85
      good day pompey pal.yesterday.11:53pm.re:st nazaire submarine pens.looking at the thickness of that concrete and the people standind on top.it is a massive structure,i don't think we had a bomb to blow it away.the biggest casualties would have been the slave labour the germans used to build them,stay well.regards bernard85
    • Pompey Pal
      Hi Bernard

      Thank you for your comment. They are very imposing aren't they. It is still possible to see where there is some bomb damage to the pens.
      Part of the operation, besides the ramming of the dock gates, included destroying the lock gates which controlled the passage through to the pens. By doing so the British hoped to make the pens tidal and therefore only accessable part of each day. Kind regards G
    • Dave55
      I wonder what that trapezoid piece of concrete over the center bay is for?

      It looks solid.
    • Owen
      flak emplacement innit ?
    • Pompey Pal
      Sorry guys I can't help you with the details of the construction, but Owen is correct in that there were Flak guns on top of the pens.
    • Bernard85
      good day pompey pal.july,19.03:32pm.thank you for your reply.the r.n did ram a german naval base on the French coast,it may have been the pens?thanks for posting,bernard85
    • Pompey Pal
      Hi Bernard, yes that was here at St Nazaire.HMS Cambletown rammed the dock gates. The Normandie Dock is one of the other pictures and the Southern Caisson is the replacement of the blown gate
      Kind regards
    • Pompey Pal
      For a nice summary of this raid and some further photographs taken on my trip, visit www.combinedops.com/st nazaire
    • Bernard85
      good day pompey pal.today.22july.thank you for your reply.i will watch your link and photos.regards bernard85
    • Bernard85
      good day pompey pal.yesterday,10:07pm.just watched your video,re:st,nazaire raid.thank you for posting,great photo"sregards bernard85
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