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von Poop, Apr 19, 2013
    • Owen
      ssshh SS-reenactors. don't mention them on the forum.
    • Bernard85
      good day owen,yesterday.09:38pm.ssssshh.dont mention ss-reenactors.i have said my piece on that subject.I guess big boys need big boys toys.some people make strange choices of games.have a good one,bernard85
    • No.4CommandoBairn
      Do the people who play the part of these, erm, soldiers, like doing it? I suppose, if they stage a battle they need more than one side. Do they get paid extra for doing it? ;)
      Just wondering ...
    • Combover
      On the whole, yes they do. The ones who do 'normal' Heer (German Infantry, not SS) tend to be the more 'historically' minded i.e. they're more into the history and kit rather than any more 'spurious' motives.

    • von Poop
      I was told if you want the film work, then SS get far more jobs in.
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