Joe Brown

Pre-War story with War time repercussions.

During one night in June 1938 seated on the wall at Neidpath Castle in the Scottish Border town of Peebles waiting for the ceremony of the installation of the Warden of Neidpath Castle during the annual Peebles Beltane Festival is Joe Brown and on his left two boyhood friends George Laing and John Lowrie. Young men of 17 years old, they were looking forward after the ceremony to a happy evening attending the local dance.  They were certainly unaware and unexpecting the consequences of the Second World War which was less than fifteen months away. George Laing would be taken prisoner at the time of Dunkirk whilst serving with the RASC in the BEF, almost two years to the day, June 1940.  John was shot down when on a reconnaissance flight in Wellington NC607 and was killed on 23 January 1945 near Roermond on the Dutch-German Border.  Joe Brown was wounded two day's later on 25 January 1945 after his Battalion had captured Heinsberg in Germany, only some 12 miles from where John had been shot down.

Pre-War story with War time repercussions.
Joe Brown, Apr 26, 2013
    • Bernard85
      good day jo brown april,262013.07:04pm re:prewar story with war time would not even think that the future could be so cruel,take away your friends,get wounded,and see many more horrers before it was over,it has been a privilege to share your story's and I thank you,regards bernard85
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