Mary Drew. On back- 2 Nov, 1929, Berti's Studios, 192 Holloway Rd, N.7

This is my great great grandmother, Mary Anne Florence Drew, died 15/11/1940.

Mary Drew. On back-  2 Nov, 1929, Berti's Studios, 192 Holloway Rd, N.7
Drew1940, Apr 13, 2014
    • Bernard85
      good day drew 1940.yesterday.05:3am.re:your great,great,grandmother.mary ann florance drew,died 15/11/40my belated condolences to at your loss.having been in the blitz and bonbed out.our only loss was material belongings.none of the family were killed.it is certainly not a target when they dropped that bomb.they sometimes dumped them anywhere on there way back to base.a sad part of our history.regards bernard85
    • Drew1940
      Hello Bernard85,
      Thank you very much for your warm messages, I appreciate them. I'm very glad that none of your family were hurt in the bombing. It still must have been horrible- losing all your things. I cannot imagine how that must have felt.
    • Bernard85
      good day drew1940.yesterday,12:05pm.re:reply.thank you for your concern about my family,(they all survived the war.and all did milatary service overseas.)i just thought i would tell you,its times like the blitz,the bombs.the incendary bombs,and all hell breaking loose,nobody i know cared about loosing things,walking away out of the wreckage was the big bonus,its great you are taking an interst in ww2 histoty,as it affected your relatives,we hope it does not happen again.one can only live in hopes,nice talking to you,regards bernard85
    • Drew1940
      That's very interesting. I never thought of that; people were just glad to survive!

      It's very nice talking to you too. I'm very lucky hearing from someone who went through it all.


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