M3 Grant tank

At kohima

M3 Grant tank
imphalcampaign, Apr 26, 2013
    • Owen
      shape of that turret clearer now.
      It's a Grant rather than a Lee.
    • imphalcampaign
      Owen does that meant it is Lee Grant MKIII??. i am not much familiar into machines.
    • Owen
    • imphalcampaign
      Oh now i realise my caption is wrong. Its M3 Grant.
    • Combover
      Which would mean it was more than likely to be a command tank as not many Grants actually served in Burma. Most of them were Lees, with the Grant being reserved for command roles due to the extra radio space.
    • Bernard85
      good afternoon imphalcampaign, campaign,m3.grant tank.interesting thread.just looking at the tank and noting the and must have been a time cosuming job to build one,thank for posting,stay well bernard85
    • kohimamuseum
      the area around the Tank is much cleaner now and there are now steps leading up to it with proper information. This has been initiated by the Kohima Educational Trust (KET) based in the UK and the sister organisation Kohima Educational Society (KES) based in Kohima. From being merely an abandoned piece of military hardware, it is now a proper war memorial with a nice picnic area
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