Local history book. 1

From a Beckenham local history book lent to my Mum by an old friend of my Nan's. Sorry, I do not now know the name of the book.

Local history book. 1
Drew1940, Apr 13, 2014
    • Bernard85
      good day drew 1940.april 13.2014.05:46 am.re:local history book no1 the blitz.another very discriptive story of a night in the blitz.and a clear discripsion of a land mine coming down.so quiet you never knew they were coming unlike the bomb as we heard a lot of because it had flutes on its finns and made a hell of a noise.it was suppose to demoralize you.i always found it gave you time to duck somewhere safe.or hoped it would be,stay safe,regards bernard85
    • Drew1940
      It's a bit different, but I heard that soldiers in the Trenches in WW1 often knew which way to run or where to duck by the sound of the different shells coming in...
    • Bernard85
      good day drew1940.april 15 2014.11:52am.re: your reply.you had heard that soldiers in the trenches in ww1 often knew wich way to run or where to duck.if you check the dead fromm ww1.i dont think it worked for most.the dead ran into millions.have a good day regards bernard85
    • Drew1940
      My apologies, on reflection I think "often" was a terrible word to use. I didn't mean that and should have written "sometimes". Even then, I think very occasionally or hardly ever might have been better! I did not mean to imply that there was a way of avoiding death in WW1. You are right of course; it did not work for most. Perhaps I should have been a little clearer about what I meant.
      I like reading WW1 soldiers’ diaries, and in a few they mention that sometimes (only on occasion), they could tell what was coming by the sound of the shell or bomb; Jack Johnsons, mortar shells, grenades-bombs, etc… and that they could then attempt (and I only mean attempt), evasive action (From memory, I think Frank Dunham and Enrst Junger mention such things).
      I apologies if I caused offence, I did not mean any disrespect to any of the millions that died.


    • Bernard85
      good day drew1940.yesterday.04:14am.re:reply.first,thank you for your reply.you dont have to apologies,i think you are doing a great job, recording your family history.you did not cause offence,not to me and i am certain you did not mean any disrespect to the departed.carry on the good work.the next generation will read your records.stay well regards bernard85
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