Joe Brown, Apr 19, 2013
    • Tom Canning

      What would that hunk of hardware be on your tie by any chance-or were you detailed to hand them out and kept one for yourself ?

      Well done
    • 4jonboy
      Lovely photo Joe.
      Thanks for adding to Gallery

    • Bernard85
      good day.joe brown,today.20 april.very smart turnout.great photo.have a goog day,bernard85
    • Bernard85
      good day joe brown april 19th 2013 (my birthday) .just spotted you thought i would say hallo,great photo.stay well.regards bernard85
    • Bernard85
      good day joe brown,today.thank you for your reply.keep posting your memoirs.they will be the history for the younger genaration.regards bernard85
    • Joe Brown

      Todays generation of young men and women have a very fine tradition to pass on to those who follow them.

      I am sure that Afghanistan will be remembered as the war of the Junior Leaders and their men, often on remote detachment, with seemingly little evidence of field and senior officers in the heat of the battle skirmishes that took place. They conducted themselves with distinctive bravery and I am full of admiration for them. Also for the outstanding backup by the medical services, who showed equal courage in extracting casualties when these skirmishes were actually taking place, and the skill of surgeons and the whole medical team exemplary.

      Sending warm regards and thanks for all your kind comments.

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