Dad with browning gun 146th RAC India 1944

Dads the one with ciggy survived the war but not the ciggies.

Dad with browning gun 146th RAC India 1944
FUSILIERDAD, Jun 23, 2013
    • Owen
      Looks more like a Duke of Wellington's Regiment cap badge & post-war photo .
      Dark blue berets weren't worn by Infantry in 1944.
    • Owen
      could be 146 RAC , they formed from 9th Bn Duke of Wellington's. could explain cap badge & black beret.
    • Bernard85
      good day fusilierdad.yesterday.01:32pm.re:dad with browning gun,india.1944.its great to have a photo of your dad,I am sorry the ciggy"s took there toll.regards bernard85
      I am obliged to Owen for pointing out my dad when in India was with the 146th RAC.
      He was certainly in the Lancs Fusiliers in the BEF 39-40, was wounded at or near Dunkirk and hospitalised in Liverpool. He must have been transferred after recovery.
      This the reason for modifying the titles. I am still researching and am sure I will require assistance from the members of this excellent forum.
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