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      11th Armoured Division, Tank Casualties, 1945

      23 Hussars

      Serial No.: D.36.

      Mark: -

      W.D. No.: 335041

      Date: Not Known

      Photo No.: 36

      Figure Nos.: 30, 31
      11th Armoured Division, Tank Casualties, 1945

      Range: 500 - 600 yards

      Cause of Damage: A.P. (88 mm.) penetrations and scoops

      Fire Damage: Burnt out.

      Other tanks involved in same incident:

      Circumstances: Moving slowly down a road, fired at by a ground mounted 88 mm. gun. Turret at 12 o'clock.

      Position of Hit: a) penetration 115 mm. diameter through the upper right hand corner of the rear of the engine compartment; b ) penetration 115 mm. in diameter through the right hand side wall of the engine compartment 9" in front of a); c) shallow scoop on roof of engine compartment.

      Course & Effect of Projectiles: Shots a) and b ) both passed across engine compartment. a) went out through the far side, b ) dented but did not penetrate the far side of the compartment. Tank completely burnt out.

      Remarks: Tank seen.

      Fate of Crew: Unhurt.

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