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      11th Armoured Division, Tank Casualties, 1945

      3 Royal Tank Regiment

      Serial No.: D.22.

      Mark: -

      W.D. No.: 335047

      Date: 1 April 1945

      Photo No.: 34

      Figure Nos.: 30, 33
      11th Armoured Division, Tank Casualties, 1945

      Range: 2000 yards

      Cause of Damage: A.P. (75 mm.) penetrations.

      Fire Damage: Confined

      Other tanks involved in same incident:

      Circumstances: Troop Leader's tank. Static on forward slope when fired at by an S.P. Thought that first round was an H.E. and landed nude the tank. Turret at 1 o'clock.

      Position of Hit: a) penetration 85 mm. diameter through turret ring under M.G. b ) irregular penetration 88 mm. wide through the left hand side of front of tank at junction of lower front glacis plate and sole plate, with bending of the latter plate.

      Course & Effect of Projectiles: a) projectile passed back into the turret and hit and split an armoured ammunition bin behind the loader. The contained ammunition and some of the other rounds had burnt. This shot probably hit the Operator and caused crew to bale out. b ) through the Besa ammunition, under the gun and back into the ammunition rack behind the Co-Driver, which was bent, but the ammunition had not exploded. The fire was confined to the crew compartment. The engine was intact.

      Remarks: The F.B. removed from the Commander was sent to us. It was analysed and show to have been probably a piece of a German A.P. shot.

      Fate of Crew:
      Commander: Wounded, right calf with fractured Tibia and injury to knee joint. X-rays show F.B. weighing 8.25 grs. which was removed. *Spectographic analysis of this indicated that it was probably a piece of German A.P. shot. Left calf similarly with less severe fracture. F.B. 500 - 1000 mgs. Minor wound right thigh. Slight burns face and hands. Still in hospital 15 October 1945.
      Gunner: Wounded. Flesh wound right leg and foot. No retained F.B. Burns hands and face 2 and 3 degree. RTD 25/52. Category B.1.
      Operator: Killed
      Driver: Superficial burns face. RTD 7/52. Category A.1.
      Co-Driver: Superficial burns hands. RTD 11/52. Category A.1.

      *Spectographic analysis kindly arranged by Lieutenant Colonel BAILY of S.T.T.
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