Capt Bill

CWGC Cassino, Italy

CWGC Cassino, Italy
Capt Bill, Jul 10, 2013
    • arnhem44
      Nice picture combining the cross and the Monte Cassino.
      Strange that the floor tiling decoration which could be construed as "ss" was found acceptable when building it.
      Any sensitive hint should have been avoided...
    • 4jonboy
      Beautiful pictures in the gallery. Thank you for posting

    • Capt Bill
      Hi Arnhem44 - I would imagine the flooring is in keeping with the rest of the architecture around the pillars and water features in that it is 'Roman' design - but I see what you are saying
    • Owen
      When I was there it never ever entered my head that is was 'ss'. It just looked 'Roman'
      Anyway so what if it was 'ss'.
      The British 2nd SS Brigade served in Italy, renamed 2nd Commando Brigade in 1944.
    • Bernard85
      good day capt bill,july10.2013.09:35pm.cwgc cassino Italy.a great photo of the monument to the does not look like ss to me,just a romam style of floor tiling,regards bernard85
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