Coldstream Guards, Berge, 12 April 1945; IWM BU 3334

Object description: Troops of the [color=#ff0000]*[/color]1st (Armoured) Coldstream Guards silhoutted against burning buildings in Berge, 12 April 1945. Catalogue number: BU 3334 Part of: WAR OFFICE SECOND WORLD WAR OFFICIAL COLLECTION Subject period: Second World War Alternative Names: object category: Black and white Creator: No 5 Army Film & Photographic Unit, Palmer (Sgt) Category: photographs [color=#ff0000]*[/color] N.B. An armoured Battalion. The Coldstream Group also consisted of 5th (Infantry) Battalion Coldstream Guards and it's possible that these troops are actually from the 5th Bn.

Coldstream Guards, Berge, 12 April 1945; IWM BU 3334
dbf, Apr 28, 2013
    • Bernard85
      good day dbf,april 29,2013.12:54am,re:coldstream guards,berge,12 april 1945 iwm bu 3334.it would be very eazy for the enemy to pick them off when they are caught in the light of the burning buildings and i supose it could apply the other way.i hope they made it back to camp.a brilliant photo.showing the horror of war.regards bernard85
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