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      2nd Recce Battalion Welsh Guards, GAD, Tank Casualties, 1945

      2nd Battalion Welsh Guards

      Serial No.: C.19.


      Mark: VII

      W.D. No.: 121809

      Date: 7 Apr 1945

      Photo No.: 24

      Figure No.: 25, 27
      25 - http://i899.photobucket.com/albums/ac198/ww2guards/P2940867_zps08a67ad5.jpg
      27 - http://i899.photobucket.com/albums/ac198/ww2guards/P2940869_zps056489c0.jpg

      Range: 600 yds.

      Cause of Damage: A.P. (75mm. Kw. K. 40) penetrations and scoops.

      Fire Damage: Burnt out

      Other tanks involved in same incident: C.8 & E.2.

      Circumstances: Stationary when fired at from left flank by an S.P. gun, which surprised a troop as it was slowly going up to the crest of a hill near Lengerich, and knocked out all but one tank. Turret at 11 o’clock. Same incident as C.8 and E.2.

      Position of Hit: a) Ragged penetration 95 x 120 mm. diameter through the left side of the hull above track guard under the rear end of the turret; b ) 74 mm. diameter smooth penetration in lower rear corner of the left rear side plate of the turret; c) 82 mm. diameter ragged penetration to the left of the engine just below the track guard; d) 81 mm. diameter penetration through the left side wall of the hull above the track guard, under the front end of the turret; e) scoop at junction of left side and roof to the turret.

      Course & Effect of Projectiles: The first shot missed. a) was the first shot to hit and it killed the Operator and wounded the Gunner and Commander, who baled out. The Driver was unhurt and stayed in as he was not given the order to evacuate. The path of this shot could not be traced. It started a small fire; b ) was the second shot to hit and after it, the Driver baled out. It went across the turret and bounced off the opposite wall into the 2” smoke ammo. rack; c) penetrated into the engine and was not traced; d) went across the tank through the upper end of the vertical pillar at rear end of the partition between the Co-Driver’s and Driver’s compartments. The basal portion of this round (75 mm. Kw. K. Pak 40 A.P.C.B.C.) was found embedded, side foremost, in the wall of the hull on the right of the Driver’s compartment. The order of shots, c, d and e is not known.

      Remarks: Tank seen. Information from Driver.

      Fate of Crew:
      Driver: Unhurt.
      No Co-Driver in tank.
      Commander: Wounded a) traumatic amputation left leg below knee; b ) severe wounds right leg with compound fracture right fibula and much loss of muscle caused by T and T wound; c) small wound left chest wall with fractured rib. Discharged from hospital on crutches to sick leave, 1 August 1945.
      Gunner: Wounded. a) posterior to anterior T and T wound middle 1/3 left upper arm with compound fracture humerus. X-ray shows no F.B’s; b ) 4” long laceration from 1” above mid-point between eye-brows to right parietal area with small depressed fracture of outer table frontal bone forehead; c) 2” long laceration left occipitoparietal area; d) 2” long laceration back of neck; e) flesh wounds over right and left scapulae; f) flesh wound left loin. Still in hospital 25 September 1945.
      Operator: Killed by shot a). Driver looked round after shot a) to find him slumped down. Body eventually disintegrated by fire and explosion of contents of tank.
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