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iolaire, Feb 27, 2015
    • welshy
      OH MY GOD MY DAD WAS IN THE SAME REGIMENT 590 TANK TRANSPORTER FIRST PHOTO IVE SEEN OF HIS REGIMENT IVE SEEN ONLINE, HIS NAME WAS " William Griffith James !!" his nickname was " Bill the Pipe !!" yep you guessed lol he was a pipe smoker,, my dad passed in 1977 of leaukaemia, wonder if your bill Remembered him or mentioned him at all, hes the one in second row from the front second from the left........great photo !!...please reply ............Hugh aka son of W.G. James
    • Owen
      they not been on forum for awhile so I have emailed them to let them know about your Dad
    • iolaire
      Thanks I'm not a forum regular but thought a while ago that I'd post the images I had from Bill's album. I only joined so that I could deposit the images and I'm delighted that someone has recognised someone.

      I have gifted the original prints to the Kohima museum in York as I felt it the best place for them - a Burma campaign museum and in Yorkshire from where he came.

      Sadly I cannot recall Bill speaking about your father in particular but he was always talking about the "lads" with fondness and genuine loss for those that didn't come back.

      I served for twenty-one years in the RAF and know the kind of mates you amass in military service.

      Best Wishes

    • iolaire
      I forgot to say that my Bill was a keen footballer and generally sporty hence the team photos. Not sure if your Dad features in any of the other photos...
    • welshy
      Hi once again, im the same not a forums regular, difficult these days since ive been diagnosed with Parkinsons some years ago now, im scouting around the web site once again hoping to get more info, photos etc thanks so much for replying, puts a shiver down my spine, talking with someone who knows same stuff etc etc lol...............please keep in e-mail is u never know might find more info or photos in our quest, iv put some photos on my member profile here, dad football mad lol.........oh & 1 question you said there was a badge/patch of which you kindly give to the museum, do you have a photo please ??
      please keep in touch
      Be Safe
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