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Battalion's War Dogs.

Battalion's War Dogs.
Joe Brown, Apr 22, 2013
    • Joe Brown
      The two War Dogs who did valuable service when accompanying a patrol, alerting the Patrol Commander when they detected the scent of humans within the vicinity, ignoring dead cadavers.
    • Bernard85
      good afternoon joe war dogs.i am very interested in this post as one of my sisters was in the a.t.s she joined in 1940"swhen I was a young lad,we were allways told she was in a army dog training group.she passed on many years ago.strangely one of those two dogs you show in your photo(alsation)we had two/they both went in the army.they were called,teddy.and chumy.chumy did not make back.thanks for a great post.regards bernard85
    • Joe Brown
      Bernard: Thank you for your kind comments about my various gallery contributions. I was very interested to read about your sisters (no apostrophe allowed to be typed in this reply box!) involvement with Army Dog training. I can assure the two dogs were excellent. We advertised in Battalion Part One orders for two men who were particularly interested in dogs and we were lucky to find good lads. They went on a course to the Army Dog Training Centre. It wasnt a cushy job as they had to go out on patrol with the dogs.

      But is was uncanny that the dog was trained to freeze when they picked up a human scent whilst ignoring dead animals and enemy dead. It was then up to the patrol commander who would either go to ground if he wished to avoid all contact, such as on recce; or, if leading a fighting patrol and had to bring back a prisoner he would prepare an ambush.

      After demob and back in civilian life for about a year, I received a letter from the War Office asking me as the former Battalion Adjutant to let them know why the attached list of Battalion stores had not been returned with the rest of the Battalions G1098. With considerable concern and expecting to see that a couple of Brens were missing I quickly turned over to read the list and it was one item: Brush and comb set for the War Dogs! Obviously some wags at the War Office taking the mickey!

      Best regards,

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