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7th/9th RS Signals Diagram: Xanten, Rhine, 10 March 1944.

It was on Saturday 10th March 1944 that the 7th/9th Battalion The Royal Scots reached Xanten, a small town three-quarters of a mile from the west bank of the Rhine. This signal line diagram shows the communication network and indicates the layout of their defensive deployment. It was from this position that the 8RS made their crossing of the Rhine on 23/24 March. An analysis shows the forward deployment of three rifle companies. On the left to 'C' Company, 'B' Company in the centre and 'A' Company on the right. They are also linked to each other by line. On the extreme left flank is the Carrier Platoon with a line linked into 'C' Company, but the diagram shows that Carrier Platoon line extends through its Platoon Headquarters to Carrier Section(s) located on the river bank. The three-inch Mortar Platoon is looped into the line going to 'C 'Company. Around Battalion Headquarters are 'command' links to the Battalion Commander (C.O.), Adjutant and I.O., to 155 Infantry Brigade Headquarters and also to the Royal Artillery switchboard which has its own line to its Forward Observation Post. The diagram shows the line to the Battalion Intelligence Officer has an extension to an Intelligence Section Observation Post located in a church. 'D' Company in reserve, in the rear, is linked up by a line which also links to Support Company Headquarters and the Regimental First-Aid Post. The battalion on the left is the 4 KOSB and is connected to main battalion HQ switchboard, whilst the 6 Cameronians on the right is linked through 'A' Company. It is a formidable set-up of communication, providing complete integration.

7th/9th RS Signals Diagram: Xanten,  Rhine, 10 March 1944.
Joe Brown, Apr 26, 2013
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