130 Field Ambulance A Or B Company 43rd Wessex Copy

130 Field Ambulance A or B Company 43rd Wessex WWII [u]Location [/u]Unknown: Presumed before June 24, 1944 ? , ? ,England Members: [b][u] Please assist[/u][/b]...Method Left to Right... [u]Lower Row [/u]#1, #2, #3, #4 (sitting man in center, next open helmet, 4 glasses...) [u]Middle Row[/u] #5 (no helmet..) , #6, # 12 (standing) [u] Back Row[/u] # 13 (standing) ..; #16 Pvt. Alfred Moirano ; ......... #19 (pipe)

130 Field Ambulance A Or B Company 43rd Wessex   Copy
GrandpaMoirano, Jan 25, 2015
    • Owen
      Pvt is American. The British abbreviation for Private is Pte.
    • kevin-of-york
      This member was born and brought up in the USA of an American father and a British/Italian mother so we can make allowances for his mistakes. His granfather was Italian born but lived in Britain before the war and was conscripted into the army in 130 Field Ambulance possibly following alien internment but he does not know.
    • the_lock_man
      I believe #10, with glasses and beer glass, is Ralph Sheppard.
    • Guy Hudson
      Interesting grouping, thank you for posting.
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