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US Capt. William E. Mckinley 0-1821895

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#1 gpjeuken



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Posted 19 April 2011 - 09:04 AM

Details; Born; 02-Febr.- 1914
Woonded 28-Oct-1944
Died; 07-Nov- 1944
Buried; Hayesville, OHIO US.

Acc. my drawing of the battlefield in Holland, Capt.W.E.Mckinley was leading
the B comp. of 814 tankdestroyer battalion.
He and his crew were woonded about 12.oo hours. in front of my fathers farm
Asten /Meijel road.

What can I find more about W.E. Mackinley, and his crew?? (m10 tank)

Thank you in front for cooperation.
Gerard from Holland.
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#2 DaveB


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Posted 19 April 2011 - 10:05 AM

Hi Gerard - did you try Google? Typing in "814th tank destroyer battalion" leads to this site, which has history book details for the unit plus an email address for one of the unit's veterans (who also wrote one of the books) -

814th Tank Destroyer Battalion

Update - Calvin Boykin passed away in 2008 so the email address might be a non-starter

814th Tank Destroyer Battalion (the bottom of this page has a link to the After Action Reports, including the one for the action you are interested in)

Unit History: Activated by 1 May 1942 at Camp Polk, Louisiana. Arrived at Greenock, Scotland, in February 1944. Landed at Utah Beach beginning 8 August equipped with M10s. Raced across France in August and participated in fighting around Metz in September. Transferred to Peel Marshes in Holland in late September. Began re-equipping withM36s in October, then supported Ninth Army’s drive toward the Roer River in November. Transferred with 7th Armored Division to the Ardennes on 17 December and participated in the defense of St. Vith. Supported operations against the West Wall in February 1945. Crossed the Rhine River at Remagen on 23 March. Helped reduce the Ruhr Pocket in April. Drove east to the Elbe River and crossed, reaching the Baltic coast on 3 May. Attached: 7th Armored Division; 113th Cavalry Group. History text from the book The Tank Killers by Harry Yeide. Used by permission.

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#3 DaveB


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Posted 19 April 2011 - 10:14 AM

Lieutenant Will Rogers Jr.'s Service in World War II ยป HistoryNet, Page 2

When it was once again able to advance, the 7th Armored Division, including the 814th Tank Destroyer Battalion, suffered heavy losses in its attempts to take the fortress city of Metz on the Moselle River. Relieved by the 5th Infantry Division, the 7th Armored was attached to the First Army and, on September 25, began convoying to an assembly area near Maastricht, Holland.

Assigned to plug the gap between British Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery's Twenty-First Army Group and General Omar N. Bradley's Twelfth Army Group, the 7th Armored shuttled among the First Army, the British Second Army and the Ninth Army, all the time fighting against a stronger enemy force than Allied Intelligence had estimated. Two months after the 7th Armored began trying to clear the Germans west of the Maas River, two full British corps finally overcame the stubborn enemy holdouts. Casualties in the gun companies ran high in the peat bogs of the Peel Marshes because equipment had to stay on the roads, allowing no chance to maneuver. In later years Rogers recalled the sporadic enemy shelling and the patrols along the Asten-Nederweert road, even at night, to counter enemy mine-laying attempts. Nederweert, he said, was his platoon's town, and he spent three nights in the church tower observing the Germans across the canal before they put a shell through the tower on the fourth night.
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#4 DaveB


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Posted 19 April 2011 - 10:18 AM

This is from the AAR -

The first platoon leader received a report about 1100 that his #1 M-10 had been evacuated by the Germans in spite of American Artillery fire in that area. Between 1200 and 1230 hours three heavy artillery concentrations were delivered by the enemy in the area occupied by Co. "B" CP (See overlay #4). During the third concentration Co. Cmdr. was seriously wounded and his M-20 crew were slightly wounded. All four were evacuated immediately.

And this site 814th Tank Destroyer Battalion Deaths in Europe has all casualties listed for the 814th and by searching for the keyword "October" on the page one can see all crew killed on the 28th from company B and those killed on the 29th from company C

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